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A reliable and outstanding petroleum tank farm and logistics company.

TOROS TANK SERVICES BV is an independent tank storage faciility for the storage and handling/transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products. Processing the storage and discharge of liquid fuel and energy products at the port of Rotterdam. We continuously adapt to the changing demands of our environment.

The purpose of Toros Tank Services is continuity, product security, efficiency, affordable storage price, quality products and services, respect for people, environment and a satisfactory return on investment for our shareholders. Innovation is of great importance for extending our services.

TOROS TANK SERVICES BV is a fully certified petroleum Tank Farm and storage company, with terminal operating capabilities, active at the port of Rotterdam providing storage for petroleum and petrochemcal products such aviation kerosene JP54, Diese D2, Diesel D6 including the capability to process these raw petroleum and prtrochemics. Currently BTT has 2,000,000 M³ of tank storage at its disposal.



We will run your entire storage and logistics system, Order processing, loading and unloading, barcode scanning, inventory management, customs storage, labeling, transportation and many more. Our customers prefer our premium services for sustainable logistics.


At Toros Tank services BV, we provide the highest level of security for your products stored in our facilities – we can guarantee this by selecting storage facilities of the highest quality, experienced specialists and the best warehousing and packaging solutions.


At our company the range of stored products and services knows no bounds: It ranges from tank storage and injection to quality assurance and extensive value-added services right through to no less than you require. Diligence and safety are very important to us.


We enable you to take advantage of the benefits of our port terminal and we transport your goods in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to the modern fleet networks between Europe and China, we are able to transport your goods all the way to the Far East.

Tank Storage Facilities

No challenge is too great for us!

No type of petroleum storage, injection, transportation and product quality assurance issues pose any problems for the logistics professionals at Toros Tank services BV! We have been putting our heart and soul into handling special or unconventional petroleum/petrochemical storage and transportation requests. Every challenge inspires us and boosts our motivation further still to develop successful solutions.

Our transportation specialists will create customized, comprehensive concepts for you. You can determine the extent to which we support you: from assistance with sections of your project right through to the successful execution of the entire project. Either way, you are placing your project in the safest hands – ours.

Freight and Transportation Logistics

We have been this with great success. Since the company was founded Toros Tank Services BV has steadily established itself as an expert in the sea freight logistics for petroleum and petrochemical products and developed a network that stretches across the globe. Carefully selected professionals at all points of departure and destinations ensure that your import and export petroleum products are transported seamlessly.


  • Toros Tank Services BV is here to lend you a hand. Our task division works perfectly: You take care of production and sales and we’ll take care of the storage and logistics while guaranteeing the quality and security of your products. We provide so called “outsource logistics” and stand as your storage and logistics system service provider. It is our objective to make the individual processes in your value-added chain more profitable.

    Contract Logistics
  • At Toros Tank Services BV it is our responsibility to take into context the well being of our employees, partners and customers – everyone matters to us! As a large, globally-active enterprise, we cannot and will not turn our back on social issues. With this in mind, we are going on the offensive by supporting projects, organizations and clubs – sometimes with financial aid, at other times with voluntary work and time and again with what we do best: support in overcoming storage and logistical challenges.

    Social Responsibility
  • Our employees are a tremendous asset. For this reason, we help them maintain their health. We have committed to specific values and principles as part of an employee code of conduct. These are used as a guide for working and interacting with each other, our customers and our partners. We also show commitment to individual and community causes: We have provided regular support to various regional and nationwide social projects for many years now and extend aid at an international levels.

    Corporate responsibility

Our Terminals

With our access to terminal facilities at the port of Rotterdam we conduct ship-to-ship transhipments, lay-by and utility services. Our tank farm has a storage capacity of 865,000 cbm and has been in operations since its inception. Our business developed prosperously, leading us to expand our storage capacity with an additional 480,000 cbm at our second tank storage location at the port of Rotterdam.

Our management are determined to maximise our opportunities. We strive to offer a one-stop service at our multipurpose terminal, so vessels can save time and money by choosing Toros Tank Services BV. By close cooperation with our partners, we can provide all the services that you need for the storage trasportation and transshipments of you petroleum and petrochemical products at the port of Rotterdam.

In addition, we can offer you our “In sourcing” product. Would you like support with internal logistics processes? Or are you aware of the need for optimization in this respect? In taking on the responsibility at your company for the core competency that is logistics, Toros Tank Services BV will become your strong and reliable partner and support you in optimizing and implementing internal logistics systems.


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We live and work by conviction according to the policies we believe are correct and conducive to success. Our approach to work is based on the guiding principles we have defined.